Quantitative Research

Going beyond the numbers

Quality data is at the core of good market research and we go beyond this measure by also focusing on the actionability of the data. We achieve this by leveraging our cultural understanding to unlock culturally-relevant insights and business recommendations that reveal the story behind the numbers.

Our quantitative department is led by Patrick Elms, an industry expert with over 25 years of experience in advanced analytical techniques and multimodal methodologies.

We offer a complete spectrum of reliable data collection methods that, combined with rigorous sampling, ensure best-in-class quality control as well as time and cost efficiencies.

Furthermore, our extensive report review process ensures that you get insights that you can count on and act upon.

Key methodologies used:

  • Segmentation / Regression
  • Copy Testing / Dial Testing
  • Loyalty Modeling
  • Shopper Behavior
  • Concept Testing / Product Development
  • Discrete Choice / Price Optimization
  • Taste Testing / Blind Sampling


Survey Tools:

  • Scale construction to reduce bias
  • Given the objectives of the study we utilize Pair Wise Trade-off, Max Diff and/or Relative Scale Usage for brand ratings
  • Multimodal approach (online + telephone or intercept) to ensure access across acculturation levels


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