About Us

Ximena De Loera

Associate Online Community Manager

What makes you a Culturati?

I’ve always been drawn to exploring different cultures, customs, foods and music.

How did you become or discover that you were a Culturati?

Growing up in San Diego I was exposed to American customs and traditions while holding on to my Mexican roots. I am proud of my Mexican heritage blended with my American ways.

What type of Culturati are you?

Travel Culturati – My parents exposed me to travel; the world has so much to offer and I am so eager to see it and take it all in. I have visited over 15 countries and feel I’m barely beginning to scratch the surface.

What makes you a strong Culturati Associate Online Community Manager?

My educational, professional and personal backgrounds have molded me into becoming a strong asset to Culturati. With a marketing and business development background I bring a unique balance that range from being part of both small startups and global companies, working with customers and employees in Latin America, Asia and the Middle East. I also bring my personal experience of being not only bilingual but bicultural as well which allows me to bring valuable insight as n Associate Online Community Manager.


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