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Infographic: Holiday Insights Across the U.S. Cultural Mosaic

Published on Thu, 12/15/16

Culturati enables brands to effectively connect with all consumer segments and this year we conducted a holiday survey among the U.S. Cultural Mosaic (Caucasians, U.S. Hispanics, African Americans and Asian Americans) to give you fresh insights. We’ve created an infographic to showcase some of the findings from our proprietary survey regarding consumer’s holiday plans and celebrations, enjoy!

View Infographic: Culturati Holiday Insights Infographic 2016

Hispanic and Non-Hispanic Mobile and Online Holiday Shopping Infographic

Published on Wed, 12/23/15

The increase of mobile and online holiday shopping is especially important during the holiday shopping period because it is redefining how brands and retailers target consumers. We took a deep dive into this trend to find out what it means for U.S. Hispanic consumers and how they compare to Non-Hispanics and then put all the insights in an infographic for you!

Click here to view Culturati’s 2015 Holiday Infographic: Holiday Infographic 2015


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