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Culturati’s New Cultural Mosaic™ Segmentation Model (©2017)

The Cultural Mosaic™ model delivers breakthrough knowledge to help marketers achieve greater efficiencies by understanding today’s polycultural mainstream America. It uncovers “connective tissue” (universal themes) across cultural cohorts as well as nuances that will drive deeper connections with ethnic consumers.

Building on a proven track record and relentless dedication to understanding the U.S. consumer landscape, Culturati has expanded the success of their 2-dimensional framework to offer a groundbreaking “New Total Mainstream.” This holistic approach provides valuable market intelligence on how cultural mindsets and social values shape consumer and shopper behaviors today. Additionally, it has released a Cultural Influence Index™ along with three ethnic models to elevate the success and reach of targeted strategies.

Our typing tools are available for each of the 4 models to classify consumer segments.

These can be licensed on an annual basis or used AdHoc.

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    Syndicated Report
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