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The Ad iLab is a breakthrough, cost effective solution for video and animatic copy testing that captures immediate emotional reactions, both quantitatively and qualitatively.  Designed as a two-phase quant-qual solution, the Hispanic Ad iLab, enables you to infuse the quantitative phase with valuable emotional feedback using Culturati’s Emoticon Slider® and to take a deeper dive into a total Hispanic representative sample of consumers in the qualitative phase — all from the comfort of your office, minimizing travel and research expenditures.  


Phase 1: Quantitative Test Leveraging the Emoticon Slider®

phase 1


Target respondents complete a 10-minute online survey with a sample size of 100 per execution in a monadic design. The online survey is conducted using Culturati’s proprietary Learning Incubator® Hispanic Market Research Online Community, with a distribution across the top Hispanic DMAs.

The interactive Emoticon Slider® tool provides frame-by-frame continuous evaluation of video/animatics, using an anchored universal emoticon scale for cross-cultural consistency.  Clients get insightful feedback on which parts of the creative are resonating and which need to be optimized.  Respondents also evaluate the execution regarding brand recognition, purchase interest, ad imagery and communication statements based on the creative brief.  Results are compared Hispanic norms on key measures.


Phase 2: Online Qualitative Expert Panels®

ad ilab phase 2


Double click on consumer’s reactions and add texture to the nuances that only a tenured moderator can uncover using the Expert Panel® moderated online roundtables. This phase is conducted among a subset of the quantitative sample from a good representation of top Hispanic DMAs and allows clients access to view real-time responses.

Ad iLab yields strategic and insightful results that enable teams to make quick, informed decisions that optimize communication effectiveness and appeal of single executions and multimedia campaigns.

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