Online Research

Online Research through the Learning Incubator®

Online research is at the core of today’s market research landscape, including U.S. Hispanic research. From an early point, Culturati created the Learning Incubator®, an AdHoc or annual membership U.S. Hispanic Market Research Online Community, to offer the benefits of online research with proven reliability, quality and speed at an affordable price.

The Learning Incubator® is rigorously maintained and offers a constant pulse of the U.S. Hispanic population across acculturation segments.

What makes The Learning Incubator® a best-in-class online research community?

  • LI 1
    Cost and time-effective model
  • LI 2
    Accurate recruitment and rigorous validation process
  • LI 3
    Professional studies with quality data assurance
  • LI 4
    Effective community engagement strategies and incentive programs
  • LI 5
    Flexible filters and designs
  • LI 6
    Members segmented using Culturati’s Acculturation Segmentation Model
  • LI 7
    Diverse membership
  • LI 8
    High security standards

We have designed the following research features to successfully engage consumers online:

  • Community Wall – Consumer feedback in 24 hours for your quick questions
  • Blogs – Moderated longitudinal one-on-one conversations for up-close insights
  • Surveys – Custom quantitative studies that yield results in 1-2 weeks
  • Expert Panels – Moderated longitudinal online forums for small to large groups
  • Asynchronous Qualitative – Moderated Bulletin Boards
  • Online Focus Groups – Real time moderated discussions


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