Noreen Delossantos

Graphic Designer/ Jr. Programmer

What makes you a Culturati?

Starting off, I was born into a Filipino family, meaning I am already a blend of four or five different cultures. I also spent my childhood living around the world, from the tropical climates of Hawaii to the rustic hustle and bustle of Italy. In addition to a lot of trips around continental Europe and Asia, I grew up more culturally aware than most kids would be. What was considered “home” changed every few years due to the constant moving, but in exchange I grew closer to my family than ever which is something I hold dear to me. I feel that experience shaped the person that I am today.

How did you discover your Culturati nature?

It would be easy to say that it’s been something that I’ve always had growing up but that isn’t the case. I think what really set me off into becoming more culturally conscious was music. In middle school, I fell down a rabbit hole into Japanese pop music and that opened the door to me learning about music from all around the world. That’s how the curiosity started and it won’t ever end for me because I want to be able to learn and experience everything the world has to offer.

What type of Culturati are you?

I am definitely an artistic Culturati. I enjoy art and music from different cultures, taking inspiration from them and integrating it back into the art that I create both recreationally and professionally.

What makes you a strong Quantitative Analyst?

I do my best to observe what aesthetics are prominent on social media and that influences the way I create my graphics to a considerable degree. Personally I tend to lean more towards the kawaii-esque visual style but I can control how much of that goes through in the graphics that I create professionally. Having experience creating graphics for a variety of different contexts helped me diversify my skills and hone my ability to create simple yet stunning visuals.