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Best-In-Class Quantitative Research

Going beyond the numbers

Quality data is at the core of good market research. At Culturati, we go beyond this measure by also focusing on the meaning and actionability of the data.

We unlock culturally-relevant insights that reveal the story behind the numbers and provide business recommendations that propel your brand forward.

Culturati offers a complete spectrum of reliable data collection methods:

■ Shopper Behavior / Path to Purchase
■ Segmentation / Customer Value
■ Copy Testing / Biometrics
■ Concept Testing / Product and Commercial Innovation
■ In-home Use Tests / On-Premise Behavior
■ Discrete Choice / Price Optimization
■ Brand Health / Strategic Benchmarking
■ Loyalty Modeling / Predictive Analytics
■ Sensory Testing / Blind Sampling

Survey Tools:

■ Mobile-forward survey design
■ Scale construction methods to reduce bias
■ Given the objectives of the study we utilize Max-Diff or comparative rating scales for brand/attribute ratings
■ Multimodal approach (online + telephone or intercept) to ensure access to the most difficult segments to find

Proprietary Online Hispanic Panel

■ Our proprietary Learning Incubator® (LI) panel ensures representative sample of the U.S. Hispanic population to deliver successful qualitative online studies that include Spanish-dominant and bicultural Hispanics.

Quality control measures:

■ Culturati implements gold-standard processes to ensure data quality and reliability
■ Scales and analytical techniques designed to reduce rating bias for cross-cultural studies
■ Respondent attentiveness checks hidden throughout questionnaires to minimize random or straight-line responses
■ Data verification checks when all responses to a list are identical
■ Elimination of speeders who complete the survey too quickly
■ Response validation audits of our outside sample vendors to ensure they meet data quality standards

Robust and Accurate Data Collection

At Culturati, we understand the importance of collecting data that is not only accurate but also robust. We employ advanced survey methodologies and sampling techniques to ensure that the data we collect is representative of your target audience.

Our experienced team of researchers and statisticians carefully design surveys and questionnaires that capture the necessary information to meet your research objectives.

Furthermore, our quantitative research services include both online and offline data collection methods, providing flexibility to reach a wider range of respondents.

Advanced Analytics and Insights

Once we collect the data, our team of experts uses advanced analytics techniques to derive meaningful insights. We don’t just present you with a bunch of numbers; we interpret the data and tell the story behind it.

We aim to provide you with actionable recommendations that you can use to make informed business decisions. Whether it’s identifying market trends, understanding consumer behaviors, or evaluating the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, our quantitative research services deliver insights that drive results. Every business is unique, and so are its research needs. At Culturati, we understand this and offer customized quantitative research solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

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Marissa Romero-Martin

Chief Insights Officer

Patrick Elms

V.P., Research & Analytics

Karla Terán

V.P., Strategic Research & Hispanic Insights Expert