Applied Semiotics

Taking an “outside in” deep dive

Qualitative research gives us an “inside out” deep dive on consumers and shoppers, which can yield the right insights for some objectives, but what happens when a more holistic approach is needed? Semiotics can help.

Semiotics is the study of how symbols and objects carry meaning for people and the analysis of any meaning system (e.g., words, images, fashion, foods, music, mythology, advertising, architecture, corporate culture, human-machine interfaces…). Therefore, Applied Semiotics provide a valuable holistic understanding because it interprets what consumers cannot tell us when they are unaware of how they are influenced by beliefs and culture within the category.


  • Decoded category communication that uncovers breakthrough insights
  • Brand map & semiotic square based on key criteria and cultural context
  • Category residual, dominant, and emergent themes to uncover trends and opportunities


  • Energizes brand communication: understand how to speak to your consumer
  • Drives innovation: uncovers opportunities to innovate your products
  • Calibrates your portfolio: helps reconfigure products to reach greater growth


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