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2020 Edition of The Cultural Mosaic 2.0© Ready for Purchase!

Download an overview of this report. Equip Your Team With Advanced Cross-Cultural Knowledge To Elevate Brand Resonance

In 2012 we revolutionized U.S. Hispanic market intelligence with a breakthrough 2-dimensional framework that has unprecedent actionability and has been typed into Nielsen Scanning Panel, Nielsen Spectra and fused with NPower®.

In 2017, we revolutionized the New Mainstream market intelligence, updated the Hispanic model and created two groundbreaking models for Black Americans and Asians.

This year we have released the 2020 edition of the syndicated report: The Cultural Mosaic 2.0: Achieving Greater Resonance in Today’s New Mainstream© which is a powerful and unparalleled knowledge tool to help marketers develop winning total market and targeted initiatives.

The report delivers updates to all the models and trended data on consumer, shopper and media attitudes and behavior. It is available for purchase as of September 2020 and typing tools can be licensed for a minimal annual fee.

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