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The Bicultural Reality

The Bicultural Reality: Maximizing your Reach of Today’s U.S. Hispanic Market (©2012)

Breakthrough acculturation framework with GM benchmark

This groundbreaking syndicated study uncovers two key dimensions that influence the Hispanic acculturation journey making it very evident Hispanic core values will transcend generations and that Biculturalism is here to stay. As such, it is critical for brand growth to go beyond the traditional acculturation models based solely on language and demographics and which assume a linear acculturation progression. These models do not effectively segment the current and future generation of U.S. Hispanics. So, now is the time to lean forward and leverage a more focused and calibrated model that will equip your brand teams with the cultural intelligence they need to truly understand distinct identities and values that shape Hispanic consumer and shopper mindsets – and to ultimately win in the new total market.

The syndicated report presents a first-in-class data-driven attitudes-based acculturation model, which uncovers three out of four critical and actionable U.S. Hispanic segments: Latinistas (AKA Culturally Hispanics) which represent 37% of the Hispanic population and 31% of the estimated Hispanic buying power and Heritage Keepers and Savvy Blenders (AKA Biculturals) which combined represent 43% of the Hispanic population and 45% of the estimated Hispanic buying power.

The report provides a framework that delivers breakthrough knowledge that will enable marketers to better connect with U.S. Hispanics of all acculturation levels. The report includes, but is not limited to, the following:

• Breakthrough insights and data on Hispanic consumers related to attitudes and values and linking these factors to media preferences, information sources, shopper styles, etc. – going beyond surface (i.e., demographics and language usage)

• Valuable understanding of the acculturation journey and how it impacts consumer and shopper needs and behaviors by uncovering priorities, motivators and tensions

• Opportunities to extend the reach of Spanish and English language communications to capture bicultural consumers in your messaging strategies

Note: Typing tool is available to classify segment in both qualitative and quantitative studies. This service is complimentary with Culturati full-service research or can otherwise be licensed annually.
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