Margarita Nemesh

Research Director, Moderator

What makes you a Culturati?

I am instinctively attracted to cultural expressions (traditions, foods, holidays, music) of all kinds and not only understanding them but also experiencing them in my own skin. Throughout my life I have practiced Capoeira (afro-brazilian martial art), sung as a vocalist in a Celtic band (Irish traditional music) practiced Chi Gong (Chinese energetic discipline), practiced Ashtanga Yoga (Hindu physical, mental and spiritual discipline) and I have sung in church choirs and in a rock band too. These activities all have a deep meaning and serve as forms of cultural expression for different groups of people. They help create a sense of belonging, as well as communication codes that provide yet another filter through which to interpret reality.

How did you become or discover you were a Culturati?

I was born and raised a Culturati. For a substantial part of my life, I have been on a personal search for my cultural identity; as a result, I have become especially sensitive to all cultural expressions, honing in on my cultural instincts in the process. I was born in the Ukraine, raised in Mexico and now I live in the US. I am fully tricultural and cuatrilingual (Spanish, English, Russian and Ukrainian.) For the most part, I have lived in several “cultural” realities and have combined them in my own multicultural mix that defines who I am.

What type of Culturati are you?

I am an artistic-philosophical type of Culturati, in-tune with my senses and trying to appreciate the subtle beauty in everything and everybody that surround me. I surround myself with meaningful images, symbols and sounds.

What makes you a strong Culturati moderator?

I bring sensibility, empathy, and an inquisitive mind to the groups, helping me to connect with consumers of all backgrounds and ages creating a warm, approachable and productive environment. My curiosity and passion for consumer behavior as well as their thought processes and decoding mechanisms – combined with my highly visual and schematic writing style – have helped me to create insightful presentations. Some of the industries where I have applied consumer knowledge into marketing strategy are Consumer Packaged Goods, Health and Beauty Care, and Financial Services. Furthermore, I hold an MS in Marketing from the University of Cincinnati, and a BS in Psychology from La Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City.