Van Le

Finance & Accounting

What makes you a Culturati?

The food! I love sampling foods from other ethnicities. Food tells the story of people’s cultures. You can learn a lot from speaking to someone about their dishes. The herbs and spices they use the origins of their recipes, the tools they use. I find it all very fascinating. In my free time I enjoy eating out at restaurants and attending the local (and some not so local) street fairs.

How did you discover your Culturati nature?

In a sense I have always been one. Growing up in a diverse southern California you get exposure to many fascinating cultures. Mexico, our neighbor to the south, being the most influential of course. Whether I’m enjoying a nice walk through Balboa Park or Old Town you can’t help to appreciate the influence from Mexico. That and my love for a delicious bowl of Albondigas soup.

What type of Culturati are you?

If being a Food Critic Culturati would classify me as Artistic then I would go with that.

What makes you a strong Culturati leader?

My way of life. I believe everyone should be open to new ideas and the cultures of others, travel, try new things, and interact. Too often have do I see people who live their lives in a bubble with little influence from the world around them. Go out! Explore! Life is too short to be encased in your own zip code.