Viviana Cruz

Associate Sales Coordinator

What makes you a Culturati?

Growing up in Oceanside, CA I was always fascinated by the bicultural experience. The older I got the more I understood how special it was to be able to navigate both the American and Mexican American world that surrounded me. My journey to becoming a Culturati intertwines with my diverse experiences working and living in vibrant cities like New York and San Francisco. Living in these places along with my upbringing in a primarily diverse community heightened my curiosity about people and what drives them.

How did you discover your Culturati nature?

My annual visits to my parents’ hometown in Oaxaca, MX truly ignited my passion for embracing where I come from and sparked my interest to continue learning about other cultures and life outside of the United States. These trips also served as a reminder and appreciation of the sacrifices my parents made by leaving their country for me to be able to have the opportunity to experience all I have up until now. Another turning point that solidified my Culturati nature was my study abroad year in Madrid, Spain. During this transformative year I was able to truly meet people from all walks of life through my studies/travels and was able to embrace a new environment which left a positive impact on my life and how I navigate my day to day.

What type of Culturati are you?

I’m an outdoorsy, adventurous, & observant Culturati. I love to travel and be outdoors in general. I thrive on surrounding myself in nature, I love going on hikes with loved ones or on my own. As an observer and risk-taker, I thrive on the thrill of discovery, constantly seeking out new opportunities to engage with different perspectives and expand my cultural horizons.

What makes you a good Culturati Market Researcher?

Each interaction in my past roles has deepened my understanding of human connection across borders, from both the clients and coworkers I’ve worked with. My background in market research, influencer marketing, and working at startups has given me a solid foundation on what it takes to adapt to fast-paced environments and provide as much value as I can to any engagement, I’m a part of.