Understanding The Socio-Political Climate Impact Among Hispanic Consumers

Culturati has released the 2020 edition of The Cultural Mosaic 2.0© syndicated report and it is ready for purchase!

Take a deep dive to understand the cultural mindsets and value systems that impact consumer and shopper behavior in today’s mainstream as well as in the Hispanic, Black American and Asian cohorts.


Understanding The Socio-Political Climate Impact Among Hispanic Consumers

Understanding The Socio-Political Climate Impact Among Hispanic Consumers ©2019

Today more than ever, Hispanic consumers want brands to participate in solving societal issues and expect them to be present in their communities.  Recent increases in socio-political tension and crackdowns on immigration are creating more personal connections to many social and political issues among Hispanics.  To help marketers understand and leverage this new dynamic, Culturati’s report explores how the current socio-political climate impacts Hispanics’ expectations from brands, cultural connections and consumer spending.  The study is particularly powerful because it includes trended data showing changes in attitudes and behaviors, differences by acculturation and comparisons to non-Hispanic consumers.


USH Consumer Market Lookout

The 2019 U.S. Hispanic Outlook

The U.S. Hispanic market is undergoing one of the most profound and significant shifts since the beginning of Hispanic marketing as an industry. Our socio-political environment has elevated the need to understand how the U.S. Hispanic culture will evolve and the forces behind important shifts. Lean on Culturati’s U.S. Hispanic evolution forecast and related insights to understand attitudinal factors and key dimensions that impact the behaviors of this burgeoning population.


Cultural Mosaic

Culturati’s New Cultural MosaicTM Segmentation Model (©2017)

The Cultural MosaicTM model delivers breakthrough knowledge to help marketers achieve greater efficiencies by understanding today’s polycultural mainstream America. It uncovers “connective tissue” (universal themes) across cultural cohorts as well as nuances that will drive deeper connections with ethnic consumers. Our typing tools are available for each of the 4 models to classify consumer segments.


Bicultural Reality

The Bicultural Reality: Maximizing Your Reach of Today’s U.S. Hispanic Market (2017 Update)

This groundbreaking syndicated study uncovers two key dimensions that influence the Hispanic acculturation journey making it very evident Hispanic core values will transcend generations and that Biculturalism is here to stay. As such, it is critical for brand growth to go beyond the traditional acculturation models based solely on language and demographics and which assume a linear acculturation progression. These models do not effectively segment the current and future generation of U.S. Hispanics. So, now is the time to lean forward and leverage a more focused and calibrated model that will equip your brand teams with the cultural intelligence they need to truly understand distinct identities and values that shape Hispanic consumer and shopper mindsets – and to ultimately win in the new total market.


Shopper Report

The U.S. Hispanic Shopper Journey and Path to Purchase© (2017 Update)

Equip your teams with the following powerful information:

  • Understand the different shopper styles and how to target each.
  • Understand of the U.S. Hispanic Shopper path to purchase, including where and how they can be influenced.
  • Identify strategies that will allow your brand to connect with these shoppers across the path to purchase.
  • Understand what values and attitudes drive U.S. Hispanics’ shopper behavior.
  • Information by Acculturation level and benchmarked vs. General Market.


Using Spanglish Effectively in TV Advertising (©2015)

Online survey among Hispanic TV viewers across the acculturation spectrum.
Evaluated Spanglish ads on key metrics including purchase intent, appealand relevance, as well as how Spanglish was used and showing cultural respect