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Cultural Resonance For Hispanic & Black Advertising ©2024

Supercharge advertising effectiveness among Hispanic and Black audiences.

Unlock a $4 trillion powerhouse! Hispanics and Blacks make up nearly one-third of the U.S. population, wielding unprecedented buying power. Maximizing advertising effectiveness to create powerful and lasting impressions among these audiences is crucial for brand growth. Reaching and resonating with Hispanics and Blacks require a trifecta of deep cultural understanding, collective resonance, and authentic representation—it’s game-changing for marketers.

Culturati has released a revolutionary report: Unlocking Cultural Resonance for Hispanic & Black Advertising Success! ©2024 (Total n=800; Hispanics n=400; Blacks n=400), along with a playbook that leverages the Cultural Relevance Score™, a data-driven metric with 2 evolutionary dimensions.

This report utilizes Culturati’s new cultural relevance framework. It offers an in-depth exploration of both Hispanics and Blacks, leveraging Culturati’s advanced understanding of Universal Truths within each cultural cohort. Additionally, it demonstrates how these truths can be reflected to create effective marketing, drawing from Culturati’s previous syndicated reports, U.S. Hispanic/Latino Universal Truths © 2023 and Black American Key Themes © 2023. The Cultural Relevance Score™ tool assesses a combination of ad performance and alignment with culturally unique values to create key insights that can help elevate Purchase Intent and Likeability among these groups.

This map combines performance and relevancy measures into scaled indexes that allow you to see at a glance how ads measure up on engagement and cultural impact. This evolutionary approach uncovers actionable insights to help supercharge your communications initiatives.

The report and playbook are designed to help marketers understand what drives the scores within the performance and core cultural values metrics, using a benchmark against a set of commercials tested among these consumers from various categories, ranging from food, to auto, to banking, to home care. Additionally, nuances within the Culturati micro-segments for Hispanic and Black are highlighted to help you elevate cultural resonance and connections with target Hispanic and/or Black consumers for greater results.

The Cultural Relevance Score™ takes into account core cultural values and guiding principles for effective communication among each cultural cohort. For example, among Hispanics, integrating elements that authentically reflect their diverse realities is essential for fostering a genuine connection with your brand. For Blacks, ensuring sensitivity in portraying the Black community can make advertising more impactful. Additional and more complex insightful elements are revealed in the report.

Empower your team to craft culturally resonant content that captivates your audience! Contact us to access our advanced cultural metric for your next copy test or purchase our report & playbook to boost your team’s copy and creative development with advanced cultural guidance.

The report and playbook include data and insights on the following areas as well as guidelines on campaign elements that resonate. It also uncovers why some creative elements miss the mark on cultural relevance.

  • Hispanic & Black American Buying Power
  • Hispanic & Black American Core Values
  • Cultural Relevance Scores™
  • Drivers of Cultural Relevance Scores™, Ad Likability and Purchase Intent
  • Ad Tones for top Performing Ads
  • Ad Language Connectivity among Hispanics
  • Guiding Principles for Effective Hispanic & Black American Communications
  • Includes playbook that provides a step-by-step framework to leverage the Cultural Relevance Score™ which measures Cultural Reach and Performance, enabling advertising success amongst Hispanic and Black consumers

Trust Culturati to provide you with the tools needed to elevate your communication strategy and advertising effectiveness. Connect with us!

Culturati is committed to bringing human insights to the industry with the goal of texturizing today’s Polycultural mainstream and crystallizing opportunities for greater cultural relevancy in marketing. Since 2004, Culturati has helped many Fortune 100 companies build sustainable brand growth with advanced cross-cultural intelligence.

Source: 1. The Multicultural Economy Report 2022, Selig Center for Economic Growth

Source: 2. Culturati Cultural Intelligence Series®

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