Published on December 10, 2013

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Ad iLab™ – It’s time to make ad testing among #Hispanics more efficient and insightful

When conducting ad testing among Hispanics online, marketers often have fewer options than those used with General Market, mainly due to availability and feasibility. The new Ad iLab™ offers a breakthrough, cost effective alternative solution for video and animatic copy testing among Hispanics which uses a two-phase streamlined quali-quant design that captures immediate emotional reactions. The Ad iLab™ offers an online methodology that yields strategic and insightful results that enable teams to make quick, informed decisions that optimize communication effectiveness and appeal of single executions and multimedia campaigns. Developed by Culturati Research & Consulting, Inc. (Culturati), the Ad iLab’s two phases leverage Culturati’s robust proprietary Hispanic Market Research Online Community, the Learning Incubator™, minimizing travel and research expenditures.

Ad iLab™ enables brands to first get a quantitative read which is texturized with valuable emotional feedback using Culturati’s Emoticon Slider™. The interactive Emoticon Slider™ tool provides frame-by-frame continuous evaluation of video and animatics, using an anchored universal emoticon scale for cross-cultural consistency.

“The Ad iLab was designed with the Hispanic consumer in mind, reflecting Culturati’s extensive understanding of this consumer based on 75+ years of collective experience in multimodal Hispanic research. This innovative and efficient tool pulls together our expertise in scale construction to reduce bias as well as the ability to deliver breakthrough insights that provide the WHYs behind the numbers…It is certainly time to revolutionize copy testing among Hispanics and give our clients more efficient tools,” says Marissa Romero-Martin, Culturati’s founder and CEO.

The quantitative phase provides marketers with insightful feedback on which creative elements are resonating and which should be optimized. The monadic design uses an online sample distribution across the top Hispanic DMAs. Marketers gain feedback on key measures compared to Hispanic norms, such as brand recognition, purchase intent, ad imagery and communication recall based on the creative strategy.

The online qualitative phase then allows marketers to take a double click on consumers’ quantitative reactions using Culturati’s Expert Panel™ feature among a subset of the quantitative sample that is representative of the top Hispanic DMAs. Expert Panels™ are moderated online roundtables that add texture to the nuances that only a tenured moderator can uncover. The Expert Panel™ feature allows clients access to view real-time responses and feature a flexible design that enables quick discussion guide editing as the online conversation evolves.

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