Published on October 19, 2012

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NEWS: Introducing Culturati’s New U.S. Hispanic Acculturation Model!

Learning Incubator™

Want to hear from unacculturated Hispanics with a natural inclination to be online?

If so, the Learning Incubator™ is the online research tool you need!

The Learning Incubator™ is an online community of validated Spanish-dominant U.S. Hispanic consumers with a
bilingual segment. Its flexible structure, as well as its time and cost efficiencies, make it the perfect research
tool when engagement-based research is appropriate. Your business questions can be answered through our Expert
Panels, Quick Surveys, Blogs, Online Focus Groups / Bulletins or Community-Building Forum. Contact us to find out

This great online research tool now offers a Facebook research application that perfectly merges market research
online communities (MROCs) and social media. This unique application is the first of its kind and is redefining USH
online research by leveraging the latest in technology and Culturati’s proven research expertise to allow MROC
members to easily respond to qualitative, quantitative and custom studies within the comfort of their Facebook
profiles. With this breakthrough tool, Culturati is further enabling corporations to gather valuable insights that
help grow business because it facilitates wider reach, faster completion rates and lower costs. The Facebook
application expands the Learning Incubator’s reach and power by:

• Enabling brands to interact with target consumers within their Facebook profiles,
• Allowing for broader and faster distribution, more interactive conversations, and
• Creating opportunities to incorporate Facebook marketing campaigns within research studies.

Contact us to find out more!


Brand-to-Consumer Expo™

Would you like to be immersed and integrated into the Hispanic culture while interacting with your consumer?

Culturati’s Brand-to-Consumer Expo™ gives you and your team the unique opportunity to interact with U.S.
Hispanic consumers in an easy-to-use and efficient way that will result in quality learnings. In-market surveys are
conducted amongst Spanish-dominant Hispanics by your bilingual team members or, if requested, bilingual
ethnographers can be present to interview consumers.

These expos are ideal for claims, icon or packaging evaluation and are held during selected large street festivals
in key Hispanic markets to maximize the experiences for the brand team. Contact us for more information!



Ever wondered how fast you could run a “torture test” among 100% unacculturated Hispanics?

By using Culturati’s QuickEval™, you can hear from 100 unacculturated U.S. Hispanic consumers in just a
weekend! The QuickEval™ is a small base-sized test that is administered to respondents via in-person
intercept interviews in the top six U.S. Hispanic markets.

This tool will help you evaluate marketing materials on overall appeal, relevancy, communication effectiveness,
persuasion and believability and compact on purchase interest. Contact us for more information!



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